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如何学习A Level Business 商务?学过商务的宝宝大概都有同感,就是这门科目看似简单,但是考试总是很难拿到高分。今天学通教育集团老师为大家介绍ALevel商务辅导公式汇总及Essay答题技巧。

CAIE考试局为例,不少宝宝归因于没有选择题,选择题才不要背这个锅。即使没有选择题,商务考试里有不少题目也是典型的送分题,比如说:计算题,而这些计算题,大多都涉及计算公式,为了方便大家复习和熟练,我们的老师都替大家总结好了哦,还不快快收藏。好了,说完计算题,我们再来说说几乎让所有宝宝们都头疼的Essay题。我们先来总结下Essay题的特点:分值大(总分20分)但也俗称丢分题,不知如何下笔,总是答不到点上。如果你也有这些特点,恭喜你,you are not alone!



To whate extent do you believe that a successful entrepreneur depedns on luck rather than personal qualities and skills?读完题目之后,我们首先要有一个答题思路和写作提纲。题目中提到了2点,luck和personal qualities and skills,我们首先要对这两个点进行分析,之后通过分析比较再得出结论,2者之间,究竟哪个更重要。我们可以从以下这些方面来分析luck这个因素:

—Attract mediaattention or celebrity patronage

—Right place right time

—Lack of competition

—Support of friends and family

personal qualities and skills的点则包含以下:

—Spot a gap in themarket

—Hobby or expertise

—Self-motivated,determined, passionate

—Business acumen


According to research,lots of businesses fail during the first years of their establishments due to various factors. People may raise the question that is what kind of people can become successful entrepreneurs? It is widely accepted that both good luck andpersonal qualities and skills are essential for the success of entrepreneurs.

There are ways that peoplemay gain success through so-called luck. Someone tries to be internet celebrityby some extreme measures to attract media attention to benefit from fans economy; some people take advantage of acquaintance with celebrities to make a fortune within a short period of time; some just get very successful because ofthe social resources and contacts provided by their friends or family; the success of some people are just due to the right place and right time.

On the other hand, some personal qualities and skills are needed to make successful entrepreneurs, for example the ability to spot a gap in the market, hobbies and expertise, andbeing self-motivated, determined and passionate. Beside, business acumen isalso vital.

To a certain extent, I doagree that personal qualities and skills are more important than good luck for business success. There could be a number of challenges facing entrepreneurs during different stages of the business development, so a range of qualitiesand skills are needed to take measures and solve these problems. For example,they need the ability to predict potential risks and changes in the market and business environment, so they can survive during economic recessions; they are able to come out original ideas and do thing differently, so their products and services can be more competitive; they need to learn technical skills, be ableto get on with people and handling money and keeping accounting records, sothey can run their businesses smoothly; they should be confident and can motivate others at work, so the cohesive team can make the business go further and better. With all these qualities and skills, entrepreneurs can reduce thechance of failures and make their businesses successful in such a competitivebusiness environment. Maybe good luck can help some people make a big fortune overa very short period of time. However, as soon as their luck is gone, their fortune is gone as well. The so-called success that they build based on luck rather than ability is fragile and unstable.

Nevertheless, that is notto say good luck is completely useless. A combination of good luck, personal qualitiesand skills is the best factor for an entrepreneur to be successful. Those entrepreneurs who have lots of good personal qualities and skills and also aided by the good luck, would make unimaginable achievements in the businessworld. In other words, to gain success, entrepreneurs need to learn, toimprove, to be committed continuously, and if possible, try to make use of allthe social resources and contacts and PR opportunities as much as possible.

In conclusion, personal qualities and skills play vital role for the success of entrepreneurs, these are the most important factors for a business to last for a long time and be very competitive. Moreover, the importance of good luck cannot be neglected because it can give entrepreneurs absolute advantages that can make the success easier and faster.



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